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This page is to show products that we will feature on our website. We will show wireless intruder alarm systems, wireless video surveillance equipment, security alarms, personal security equipment,  all kinds of surveillance equipment with wireless spy camera's and lots more.


We are excited to offer a new DVR that will be able to work with a smart  phone. In other words, just click a few buttons on your cell phone and you will be watching your surveillance system. This will be available end of July.

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Keep an eye open for our cell phone auto dialing alarm systems and GPS tracking devices for vehicles, and personal use.

We will also be getting in self drug testing kits and infidelity test kits to check if your spouse is cheating on you.



Solar and wind generated PTZ Wi-Fi camera system

Solar and wind generated Wi-Fi PTZ camera

We are excited about this completely wireless  "GREEN" product. We are working hard with the manufacturer to bring it to our customers. You do not need any cables to make this unique product operate, it can be in a remote location up to 5km away or more if repeaters are used. This system will keep the battery fully charged day and night. It is wireless Wi-Fi so you can operate the Pan tilt and zoom (ptz) camera from a remote location. If you want more information click here



ssuper ear2 ghost hunting equipment

What binoculars do to improve your vision, the Super Ear does to improve your ability to hear the sounds around you - outdoors, indoors, and virtually anywhere. The SuperEar Sound Enhancer boosts your hearing with a powerful 50 decibels of sound gain, enabling you to hear what you've been missing.

This versatile hand-held amplifier is compact enough to fit in the smallest pocket, yet comes with accessories to attach the Super Ear to binoculars, belt, hat or other gear. The multi-element microphone is mounted in a 180 degree swiveling sound boom that is covered in a protective foam windscreen. Premium stereo headphones fit comfortably to deliver clear, crisp sound. Ideal for use as a ghost listener.



super ear

The DetectEar is also equipped with a 3-band equalizer to adjust for specific sound frequencies, recording jack, and communications input jack for outstanding surveillance capabilities.

The DetectEar can be mounted to a tripod for extended use and comes with a hard carrying case for discreet and easy transportation. Powered by only 2AAA batteries, the DetectEar is your ultimate professional listening device.



micro eye dvr cam

Introducing MicroEyes - the smallest, most powerful, line of real time (30fps), High Resolution, Color Low Light, Motion Activated, Time/Date Stamped camcorders on the planet. Only the size of a ping pong ball, MicroEyes is totally self contained. Records video/audio on a micro sd card for playback on your PC or TV/Monitor. Internal Li-polymer battery recharges via USB port. Records 24 hours of video on a 8gb card. Fully charged unit will operate on motion activated stand by mode for 24-48 hours. (depending on activity) Optional AC adaptor for continuous operation.



bird house feeder camera dvr

Protect Your Property with a "Birds Eye View" - Covert Bird Feeder Camera/DVR.

Introducing SecureShot "Yard Guard". Our new line of covert, weatherproof digital video recorders designed to protect outdoor assets and property. With our exclusive copyrighted micro PIR motion activation system, there is virtually no battery drain while on standby, and no false alarms. As soon as "body heat" is detected, up to 30 feet away, hi resolution (640 X 480) video is recorded on a hidden SD card. Recording continues until 1 minute after motion ceases, then unit automatically returns to standby mode. Rechargeable high capacity Li-ion battery offers 1 year of standby operation and over 20 hours of actual recording per charge. Recordings can be played back to TV/VCR directly from unit, or SD card can be removed and played on your PC.



underwater color IR camera

Underwater color IR camera

See what is below your boat with this high resolution CCD infrared 0 lux water cam. Comes with a color 5.6" or 7" LCD monitor and 60 ft. of steel mesh cable. Monitor will accept 2 cameras and a vcr for recording. 3-way power supply AC, DC or included rechargeable batteries.


Here at StarFusion Products we search the world for  “Unique and hard to find products”.

We have security and surveillance products to monitor your home and office. For those that what the ultimate in security checkout out Professional wireless intruder alarms systems and wireless video surveillance products.  If you’re out and about we have personal security products to keep you safe. 



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