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Every 3 seconds, someone's property and/or home is compromised and valuable items are stolen or damaged.



Don't be one of the statistic, let us help you protect your property with our "do it yourself" easy to install wireless security and surveillance cameras or video surveillance products.

With our infrared photobeam perimeter detector or our SUPER HOME GUARD you will be warned of someone entering your property before they even decide how they will break into your house.

If you want to see, hear and record what is going on, we have a completely automatic "state of the art" video surveillance camera systems with infrared security cameras, so you can see in the dark.

Very easy installation for our wireless systems, all you do is decide where you want your receiver, transmitter, surveillance cameras etc, install the battery or plug into the 110 volt power source and turn it on.


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Me and my Fusion Security truck

Hello my name is Steve and I am the owner and founder of StarFusion products and now FUSION SECURITY.

I got into the security product business because I seen a need for quality products that were not available to the general public. In other words, nobody was selling them in my area. I later learned that they where not available even in the bigger cities. This set off bells and whistles to me, so I looked and looked and looked (2 years) for  manufactures of these products and I found what I was looking for. I wanted easy to use and understand products for the "Do it yourself" crowd, but yet very hi-Tech. Don't just take my word for it, browse through all my products and see for yourself.

If you want to start your own business, consider security products.

I have done all the hard work of finding the real overseas manufactures and hence the lowest prices. I even import them myself, so you see, there is no middlemen involved to raise the prices.

Wait no longer as somebody else will start to sell them in your area, so please act now.  

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You will thank yourself later!



Here are just a few of the wireless security and video security camera or surveillance camera systems we offer.

These are all state of the art security products, some of  the technology came direct from the military.



low light 50mm lens camera good for license plate recognition

License plate recognition

This is a 50mm lens on a small camera. It really shows the license plates.

Low light and 480 tvl Sony chip (most all of our cameras use the Sony chip)


3.8mm lens nightvision camera IR

Ghost Hunters cameras

Our most popular GHOST HUNTING CAMERA. These both are wide angle 3.6mm lens's, the main difference is the silver one has more night vision. Either one is perfect for ghost hunting.3.8mm lens nightvision Ir camera Coming soon!

A full line of ghost hunting equipment.


4 channelm DVR with remoteee control

Affordable 4 channel simplex DVR

This is small enough to be used mobile, and it is 12vdc operated.


portable handheld mobile DVR

Portable DVR

Records to a SD card by motion detection or continuous. Has time and date stamp and much more to offer. Its small size offers lots of covert uses.


pan and tilt camera with Sony 420tvl res. and remotee control

Remote control operated Pan and tilt ceiling mount camera

Just got these in and they are hot. Forgive the picture as it is still on our sales rack. This can be controlled by remote control or cable via DVR or controller. Specs. are 420 tvl Sony chip with wide angle lens.


varifocal lipstick cameras

Bullet or lipstick cameras

2.5mm-9mm varifocal lens are available in interior or exterior versions


trail cam with built in lcd monitor and long range IR

Trail cam with LCD monitor and HI Powered IR

This is not just any game or trail cam. It also has a built in LCD monitor inside. No visible flash as this hi powered IR emitters allows this to see where most others only dream. Records game cam trail camvideo or 8 mp snap shots and stores it to a SD card. Comes with two LI-io battery packs that brag up to 20 days of stand by time each. Records by motion detection. This has many uses other then just for hunters, even jobsites will find them useful to keep an eye on the inventory.




spy watch

We SPECIALIZE in spy products as you can see here!

8GB spy watch with mp3 player and LCD monitor


keychain camera

keychain remote camera



newest spy device with sound activation

This is one cool product, with many different applications and it is also SOUND activated.



micro sized gum cam, spy camera, spy cam

Pocket recording device

The size of a pack of gum. It records video and audio. Very good quality of video (640 x 480) that is played back on your computer via USB port.


id tag camera

ID tag of course with a built in camera



waterproof sports cam

Waterproof sports camera. Use it on your handlebars of your bike, your helmet, under water, your car, use your imagination as this is AA battery operated and records to a SD card.


DVR board with remote control

For the "do it yourselfers" or the guy that wants to make his own video/audio capture device. This is for you. These little boards do it all, just add a camera, power source and you have your own micro spy device.


spy camera with hi-power lens

420 tvl with up to a 25mm lens, with audio


pinhole spy camera

Pinhole spy camera

This 3.6mm lens spy camera has 420 tvl and audio

spy camera button camera button cam with audio

Button spy cam with audio

420 tvl with 3.6mm lens and audio


spy glasses, spy camera with audiospy glasses spy camera with audio

Put on these glasses for covert video and audio use. It has 2gb of internal memory and you can boost it with up to a 2gb more with a micro SD card. Rechargeable Lithium battery for hours of use.

spy pen, spy camera

This color spy camera is built inside of this pen. Video and audio is recorded to its internal memory. The lithium battery lasts for many hours and is rechargeable. Playback over a computer via USB port.


clip on cam, spy camera, hat cam, spy cam

Clip on camera

The perfect camera for our credit card DVR below.


credit card, micro DVR with 2.4 inch lcd monitor

Micro credit card size DVR

Has 2.4" LCD monitor with built in 2 gb memory and micro SD card slot. Plug a wired camera into its port to record video and audio.

Pocket DVR

Pocket DVR

Near DVD quality recording and 2 inch LCD monitor



spy camera, mini dvr

Fully self contained mini motion detection DVR with built-in camera

Stores video and audio to built-in memory, or an SD card. Operates from built-in lithium battery or AC adapter. Now you can see what is going on while you are not there. This will take color video with its motion detector, Play them back by simply plugging it into your TV, computer via USB port or SD card.


spy camera detector wired or wireless

Spy camera detector

This devise detects pinhole cameras wired or wireless.



RF bug detector

RF (radio frequency) Bug detector

Detects radio waves in the 50mhz to 6ghz range. Audio and or video.






many more business and home security systems are available.

If you have any questions or any specific needs please inquire here





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Here at StarFusion Products we search the world for  “Unique and hard to find products”.

We have security and surveillance products to monitor your home and office. For those that what the ultimate in security checkout out Professional wireless intruder alarms systems and wireless video surveillance products.  If you’re out and about we have personal security products to keep you safe.