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Me and my Fusion Security truck

Hello my name is Steve and I am the owner and founder of StarFusion products and now FUSION SECURITY.

I got into the security product business because I seen a need for quality products that were not available to the general public. In other words, nobody was selling them in my area. I later learned that they where not available even in the bigger cities. This set off bells and whistles to me, so I looked and looked and looked (2 years) for  manufactures of these products and I found what I was looking for. I wanted easy to use and understand products for the "Do it yourself" crowd, but yet very hi-tech. Don't just take my word for it, browse through my products and see for yourself.

fusion security vancouver, washingtonThis is our newest retail/showroom located in Vancouver, Washington.


If you want to start your own business consider security products. I have done all the hard work of finding the real overseas manufactures and hence the lowest prices. I even import them myself, so you see, there is no middlemen involved to raise the prices.

To protect our agents and sales people, we will be taking ALL our security products prices off  this website. The security products will only be here for informational purposes only.

Wait no longer as somebody else will start to sell them in your area, so please act now.  Click this link for more information CONTACT US


You will thank yourself later!



If you are checking out this page you must be tired of the 9 to 5 routine and want to be your own boss? Not to mention make some serious money.

Security products are one of the hottest selling products on the market, due mainly to all the home invasions and break-ins you see on the news each night.

Our products will give peace of mind knowing that if someone is outside your home or business, they will be detected. You will be alerted AND the intruder will be scared away before they have the chance to do what they came to do.

We are a factory dealer for SkyLink Technologies line of wireless intruder alarm systems.

CLICK HERE  to see our line of professional wireless intruder alarm systems and accessories.

CLICK HERE  to see our line of professional video security camera systems

CLICK HERE  to see what we are working to bring you direct from the manufacturers.


Why not CONTACT US to see how you can purchase security products at true WHOLESALE pricing  to start your own security business.

Advantages of SkyLink  wireless intruder systems:


One year warrantee


completely Wireless (except for power cords in some cases)


portable, take with you when you move


advanced wireless automatic phone dialers


Perfect for elderly with the addition of panic buttons


no monthly monitoring fees required. A savings of up to $50 month.


Our system pays for itself in just a few months with the monitoring savings.


purchase small and add on to your system at any time


very simple and fast to install


made for the DIY (do it yourselfer)


new state of the art systems using rolling code technology


many accessories available


we are a factory dealer


purchase at real wholesale pricing not inflated reseller prices


support through toll free phone number


last and most important....low price not quality!

We have true wholesale prices because, we import direct from overseas manufactures, so you will be dealing with a factory dealer not a reseller.

We have the hottest, most technically advanced, Video Surveillance and wireless intruder alarm systems available anywhere.

To qualify as a dealer and to be able to purchase wholesale you must:

  1. Minimum wholesale purchase required. (prices on our website are not wholesale) Contact us for wholesale list price.
  2. Sell at your own retail outlet, kiosk or start a new security alarm store.
  3. We would have the inventory available when you need to order more.
  4. no tax number is required, unless you are in Washington State
  5. CONTACT US for more information and pricing
  6. Please be patient as we are still putting together price list and our security products pages.


  1. If you live close to our facility in Chehalis, Wa.

  2. Have a good vehicle.

  3. Have lots of ambition and energy to sell to residential or commercial users.
  4. We may consider you for full commission sales. Our commissions are high, so you can make some serious money.  If interested, please inquire here.
  5. We will also consider drop shipments, if you live further away. If interested let us know.


Don't delay

This is a once in a life time opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a growing business bound to explode.

The opportunities are endless so CONTACT US today.



Here at StarFusion Products we search the world for  “Unique and hard to find products”.

We have security and surveillance products to monitor your home and office. For those that what the ultimate in security checkout out Professional wireless intruder alarms systems and wireless video surveillance products.  If you’re out and about we have personal security products to keep you safe.