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We see a huge need for security and surveillance products, so we are going to focus primarily on video surveillance, spy cameras, nanny cams, wireless intruder alarms, perimeter detectors and anything else that would protect and secure property and belongings.

These include wired and wireless systems.

Come see our products at the location nearest you :


810 West Main St.

Centralia, Washington 98531

phone  (360) 736-3348


Fusion Security

7704 NE 94th Ave.

Vancouver, WA.



We are not only manufacturer representative but we are also the importer, no middleman. 

What this means is cheaper prices and innovative products.




We will stock a full supply of all the great hi-tech systems and accessories to help make your home or business safe and sound.

From infrared detectors to flood sensors, automatic phone dialers and silent alarms to medical dialers for the disabled and elderly. What ever your security system needs are we can handle it.


 Check out our professional wireless intruder alarm systems page. WANT TO START YOUR OWN SECURITY BUSINESS CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW


Check out our new 'GREEN' product coming soon!  SOLAR AND WIND powered Wi-Fi PTZ camera.

Video Surveillance and Covert Equipment

 Checkout our new wireless 2.4GHZ 4 channel USB receivers with AUDIO. These will record from 1 to 4 cameras to your computer hard drive. 

We also have wireless spy camera's and complete DVRwireless WiFi camera systems systems with up to 16 camera's to help you keep an eye on your property and valuables from anywhere in the world. We will be getting in wireless Wi-Fi PTZ systems soon.

The unique spy device shown below will record video by motion Home Guard spy camera with built in DVRdetection and store it to its internal memory. It is useful to see who has been in your place while you where gone.  Best of all, it is completely portable and can be played back on your regular TV and is small enough to not be noticed. Customers say "it looks like a Glade air freshener".

Want a wireless color pinhole camera for your remote control airplane, helicopter or car?

Covert camera devices with audio

These glasses and pens can be used for sports or spy use. They both are self contained and record video and audio to internal memory. The glasses also record to an external micro SD card. Both are lithium battery powered for hours of use, and excellent video. Oh and the pen really writes. (click the pics to see an example)spy pen, spy cameraspy glasses, spy camera


StarFusion Products has done so well with our line of security and surveillance products that we started a local distribution and sales outlet.


If you have an interest in security products, want to be your own boss AND make some serious money, please inquire about becoming our agent or distributor for this fast growing field. CLICK HERE

      Cutting Edge Surveillance products


This DVR has a motorized 7" LCD monitor that comes out with the push of a button.


4 ch.2.4ghz quad/split screen receiver with USB portHow about a 4-ch. 2.4ghz wireless receiver that shows all 4 cameras at the same time in a quad or split screen.

3G mobile phone ready 4 channel DVR with audio


4 ch. H.264 DVR with audio and 3G mobile phone ready. Watch your cameras on your cell phone.

If you want to make your own internet (IP) camera we have video servers. Just add any of our cameras to this device and you will be able to view it over the internet from ANYWHERE.

Coming soon, we will have a IP camera from outside our showroom/store. Just log on to see how it works.

For info and prices please inquire.

Spy and Anti-spy devices

motion detector camera with alarm output

420Sony TVL camera in a motion detector with audio and alarm output.


spy camera detector for ANY cameraThis device will detect any hidden camera, wired or wireless.


RF detectorRF (radio frequency) bug detector. Detects audio bugs and wireless cameras with in the 50mhz to 6ghz band range. Has vibration, beeps, lights with earphones.



DVR board with remote control and SD card socketMake your own spy device with this complete circuit board, Just add one of our pinhole cameras to this , mount it inside of something and record via motion detection to its SD card. Turn it on or off with its remote control.

keychaain remote DVR with camera and audioJust when you thought they could not get any smaller, this keychain dvr camera comes out. Record video and audio to its built-in memory. Play back via USB.


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