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Me and my Fusion Security truck

Hello my name is Steve and I am the owner and founder of StarFusion products and now FUSION SECURITY.

I got into the security product business because I seen a need for quality products that were not available to the general public. In other words, nobody was selling them in my area. I later learned that they where not available even in the bigger cities. This set off bells and whistles to me, so I looked and looked and looked (2 years) for  manufactures of these products and I found what I was looking for. I wanted easy to use and understand products for the "Do it yourself" crowd, but yet very hi-tec. Browse through my products and see for yourself.

If you want to start your own business consider security products. I have done all the hard work of finding the real overseas manufactures and hence the lowest prices. I even import them myself, so you see, there is no middlemen involved to raise the prices.

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You will thank yourself later!


Every 3 seconds, someone's property and or home is burglarized and valuable items are stolen or damaged.


Don't be one of the statistic, let us help you protect your property with our easy to install wireless burglar alarm security systems. These alarm systems are designed for the do it yourselfer (DIY). You will save some big bucks by spending only a few minutes installing our wireless burglar alarm system yourself. It really is very quick to install and within a few minutes your property is protected.

With our burglar alarm security systems you can protest your whole house, garage, barn, hanger, shelter, business or anything you want to  keep safe. Even help keep your car in front of your house safe with our infrared motion or our vibration sensor. When you out grow it, just add on to it. Our systems are upgradeable just add more sensors, dialers, panic buttons or what ever you may need.

With our first rate "state of the art" security systems, you can rest assured knowing you are safe and secure.

We are proud to be one of the few FACTORY REPRESENTATIVES in the United States for these hi-tech wireless alarm systems, that are manufactured by SKYLINK TECHNOLOGIES, one of the foremost names in DIY wireless burglar alarms and security systems.


We can only show a small part of what we have to offer here. For more information 

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 A brief description of our wireless alarm products.

Wireless total protection system

Protect your home and family with a security system with features that rival  alarm systems costing many times more. Yet installs and programs in minutes. This is the only DIY Wireless Security System on the market today that operates with the leading edge Rolling Code Technology. This technology provides additional security and reduces false alarms. This system allows you to customize your specific application by selecting the sensors that you really need. Two starter kits, plus a variety of unique sensors and accessories allow you tailor the system to fit your specific needs.
Please take a closer look at our Emergency Dialer. The Emergency Dialer can be used as a stand alone item as well as with the Security System, it works as a monitoring center which you can monitor yourself.

Self monitoring station

Are you sick and tired of paying the monthly fee to your alarm company month after month, forever? Skylink's Self Monitoring Station is the solution for you. Monitoring companies only make the call for you when they detect an emergency at your home or workplace and charge a fee for it every month. Skylink's Self Monitoring Stations will do the same but without the monthly monitoring fee. 

Emergency dialers

The Emergency Dialer allows you to call for help during emergency. If the dialer is used in conjunction with the security system, it works as a monitoring center. You can preset up to 9 telephone numbers. In case of an emergency, i.e. someone breaks into your house, your Skylink Security System will trigger the dialer and start dialing the preset phone numbers and play a pre-recorded message to call for help. Or use this dialer as a stand-alone product for the elderly, disabled, hospitals, and senior centers etc. During an emergency, activate the dialer by pressing the waterproof Panic Transmitter.
Our latest dialer AD-1010 provides a 2 way communication which is similar to a speaker phone. It allows both parties to talk to each other in case of an emergency or you can also use it as a regular speaker phone on a daily basis.

Stand alone protection systems 

These sensors are part of the Total Protection System line up. However, they can stand alone or work together with the security systems. All of these sensors can be connected using a hard wire, therefore they can adapt to different security systems other than Skylink. 

Remote control for lights and appliances

This wireless remote switch allows you to control different home appliances from up to 100 feet away. Just plug in the appliance that you want to control by remote and with a press of a button, you can turn that appliance on and off.
No need to run the wires again for you doorbell. Save time and effort by installing our wireless remote doorbell in minutes.

Skylink remote control

Just plug in the receiver into an electrical outlet and connect the device to be controlled into the outlet of the receiver. You can easily control your garage door or any electrical appliances. Our easy-to-install garage door remote control set works with most brands of garage door openers in the market. 

Household alert

Alerts the user to things happening around the house. These products provide audio / visual indications (ideal for the blind and hearing-impaired). It is a low cost alternative to traditional wireless security system. Different sensors are available and come equipped with a special 'supervised feature' that monitors the sensors and their battery condition.

Some of our products


burglar alarm security systems, intruder alarm systems, home security systems

This burglar alarm security system SC-1000, also has an automatic dialer that you program to call up to 9 different phone numbers to play your 40 second message. No monthly monitoring fees. Add up to 30 wireless accessories to this one, including a panic system for the elderly or really sick. They just press a button on their wrist or around their neck panic button and the system  automatically calls the numbers that you programmed. Perfect for office or home security systems.


low cost wireless alarm system that you can add on to later

The perfect home security system for people on a budget. Our SC-10 will give you a  secure feeling at a budget price. This system can have up to 15 wireless accessories added to it and can be installed in just a couple of minutes. It has a built in 130db siren, 2 door / window sensors and 2 pocket keychain remotes to arm and disarm the system. You can add motion sensors  more door/window sensors and more later if needed.



We have external sirens, repeaters, alarm, sensors, door / window sensors, flood sensors keychain remotes, wrist remote panic buttons, remote keypads, motion sensors for in out outside of your home, keychain / pendant panic remotes, auto dialers with and without remote talk ability, multiple person auto dialers, silent alarms, smoke sensors, temperature monitor sensors, vibration sensors and more. Let us help you with your home security systems.


dialer/ monitor

Want to monitor up to 16 different people wearing a panic button? This is what you will need.



auto dialer with panic button"HELP I'VE FALLEN AND CAN'T GET UP" Remember that? Don't let that happen to you or your loved ones. This system will call up to 9 people and continue until a person answers, then it will play its 40 second message that you recorded. This could be you on your cell phone, a neighbor or whom ever.




Here at StarFusion Products we search the world for  “Unique and hard to find products”.

We have security and surveillance products to monitor your home and office. For those that what the ultimate in security checkout out Professional wireless intruder alarms systems and wireless video surveillance products.  If you’re out and about we have personal security products to keep you safe.